Houjou invited Kuga over to his house for some alone time.  She went along with it but found out that he only likes Sasamori.  She then turn on evil psycho mode.

Kuga Letting Loose

Next day at school Houjou called out Toru to settle the score considering he was the one that said the truth and allowed Kuga to overheard.  Houjou was about to put a cigarette into Toru’s eye when Yuki said that she called a teacher.  Toru told her that he figured something like this would happen but he still did it and she figured that he did it to save Sasamori and to put her out of harms way.  In the school there are people talking about an Iris Hunter and in the same page Sasamori is saying “Hi” to Kuga, which implies that Kuga have something to do with the Iris hunter.

This manga have took a turn and have introduce maybe a true antagonist in the series considering everyone so far have been goody two shoes I don’t mind it at all.  The way they drew Kuga in the picture above is amazing, she have completely turned from an angel to the devil.  Its awesome and I love seeing where the author intends to take this story.

You can download it from Simple Scans or Ala-Atra Scans.