Haha This Picture Cracks Me Up If You Look At It Really Fast

I just had to put that picture at the front of this post.  Its hilarious with the position of Chopper on Luffy and having Keimi’s mouth open and being near Chopper or maybe I just have a dirty mind.  You be the judge!

There were a few humorous scenes but this chapter is mostly background information concerning what happened in the past ten years.  Shirahoshi and Luffy along with their faithful shark head to the Forest of Sea.  Meanwhile Brooks and the right minister could not find the princess and thought she was kidnapped.  The pirates that were thrown against the walls are starting to wake up and asked Brooks where the opening switch for Ryuugu Palace was located.  The right minister is more concerned about the ware bouts of the missing princess and wants to tell the king that the princess was kidnapped.

The scene changes over to Chopper and Sanji who was talking until they found Hachi who is badly hurt.  He told them to leave because the kingdom is going to collapse.  The story backtracks to a few hours earlier and explained what happened to Hachi.  Hodi talked about how he looked up to the Arlong’s crew but Hachi has become weak by siding with the humans.  Decken talked about his DF powers where he can have two targets (one for each palm) and he sent weapons toward Hachi (gawd thought the guy would be at least a bit stronger in two years).  The pirates were threatened to open the palace when Hodi and Decken sent them flying toward the palace wall.

Mato Mato Curse So Stupid….Have Zoro Cut Both His Hands And He'll Be Useless

Brooks and the right minister explained the situation to the crew and the king.  Humorous scene with the exchange of words between Usopp and Zoro who wants to “…slice them up…”  Meanwhile the scene switches back to Luffy and the princess.  Shirahoshi wants to visit a grave at the Forest of the Sea and Jinbe mention about the assassination of Queen Otohime has changed Fisherman Island.

Even though this chapter is full of talking, I really enjoyed it because it gave a bit Fisherman Island’s history.  It also sets up the reason why the princess and Jinbe wanted to go to the Forest of Sea.  I’m really interested in who killed the queen and what does her death have to do this their situation right now.  The author does a great job throughout the story of connecting the past with the present like during the Sky Island arc and I really enjoy it.  He’ll do the same with Fisherman Island and connect their histories together and surprise all of us.  Hopefully Luffy and Jinbe can meet up together so their reunion isn’t drawn out.  Hopefully Zoro kills all the pirates and gets hired by the king as his bodyguard.  Hopefully Sanji can cure his gay disease so he can keep chasing girls =).

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here.