After arriving at the mansion they met up with the maid who is all crazy.  Herminia said that Cordelia’s evil can never be replaced from the village.  The chief of the village explained to the group that he found the previous elder stabbed, gold coins were spread throughout the floor, and Cordelia was banished from the village.

They were guided to Cordelia’s house and they found an old photograph of Cordelia and Victorique as a baby.  The picture didn’t make sense because Cordelia was supposed to have been banished when she was 15 years old.  They figured that someone else came by and took something in the house and left the photograph.  Victorique found her mother’s message on a grave saying she was innocent.  Green-eyed wolves chased them afterwards.  They found out the village was sponsored by Brian Roscoe for 10 years.  Victorique enjoys her bath and the two were sent a cup with an eyeball inside.

Victorique's Bath Scene

The next day a festive ceremony is starting and they were showered with acorns.  When the village people set the bodies on fire they found out that one of the visitor was inside the paper machete.  The elder said to allow the ceremony to continue regardless.  Kujo went to the church to look for Victorique and asked the elder if he’ll be with Victorique forever; however, the elder said they wouldn’t die together.  Victorique was talking to the maid and said that a child of 15 could not have killed the elder because she could not reach his back.  She has figured out who the killer was but she has no proof.  At the end the elder shot another one of the visitor.

It seems like they can finally close this whole arc in the next episode.  It seems rather odd that the village elder did not want anyone to know anything.  It appears like he wanted to shut the maid up when she was explaining about the situation at the beginning of the episode.  It also appears that he told one of the villagers to shut up when he was explaining how the victim couldn’t have switched the visitor into the paper machete.  The village elder seems very suspicious to me; however, since he is such an obvious choice for the villain I’m going with his assistant who is the villain.  There was a blonde guy that they thought was Alan that was thrown with acorn looking flower as well during the festival and I think that is the assistant.  Lets see if I’m correct in my observation.

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