Just as expected from the preview, the third years starts their special lesson.  Satellizer and Rana got beaten up pretty badly by the 4th ranked Arnett McMillan and 5th ranked Creo Brand.  One uses a scythe while the other one uses metal gloves.  After being defeated, Satellizer reminisces about her past.  Her mother drops her off at a mansion to meet up with her half brother and sister.  The sister is really nice to her but the younger brother abuses her.  She tells her mother but her mother got mad at her and the mother told her to bear with it for now.  The sister found out about the abuse and stopped it and told Satellizer to leave the mansion for her own safety eventhough she knows its not her fault.  Soon afterwards the mother dies in the hospital and her dying words was for her daughter to not lose.

Satellizer Getting Raped By Arnett's Afterimage

She soon stands up and declares that she absolutely would not lose.  She released some wings of light and sliced Arnett while starting up with Double Accel and finishing with Triple Accel.  Rana took care of Creo by activating Quadruple Tempest Turn.  After a bit more blood spilling, the president Chiffon Fairchild and 3rd ranked Ticy Phenyl came in to stop the fighting by one hit K.O Arnett and pretty much scaring everyone.  A funny scene occurs afterwards with Rana wanting to carry Kazuya.  Should of been funnier with Satellizer talking back and I thought the anime did a bad job at transferring from manga to anime.  Chiffon also had a talk with Elizabeth and said how they should acknowledge Satellizer’s powers since she beat Arnett.  She caution Elizabeth that she should come up with a different way to deal with Satellizer other than physical assault to save face and also relayed a message saying their time of peace is coming to an end.

This episode sets up a few important key point that will be part of the storyline.  It introduces the cause of Satellizer’s trauma and about her sad past.  It also is the end of the 3rd year’s stupid assault on Satellizer since it’ll get a bit more serious now regarding the Nova invasion.  I wanted to see more of Chiffon in action and hopefully we’ll see Elizabeth in action soon enough.  Also another thing to note is that I think the mother was a bitch to let her daughter go through that just for her own well being.  I think next week should be a filler episode with Kazuya and Satellizer competing in the eating contest.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuuHatsuyuki when they’re available.