Yay for chapter to be out.  I felt like I waited ages for this release.  Anyway this chapter is pretty short and didn’t really do much in the explanation department.  It seems like everyone is just cleaning themselves up and getting medical treatment.    Minato said that Uzume dying isn’t Homura’s fault and it is the human who is at fault.  Kuu also asked if Miya was number one which she said yes and Kuu respond with “…then you’re the queen” because Takami told her that number one was the queen in which Miya responded that she is more like a goddess.  Then Miya came in to explain the story behind the Sekirei Plan.  And since we haven’t gotten any fanservice from them as of yet here is one for your viewing pleasure.

The Girls Getting A Nice Bath Together After The Battle

Is Minato wearing Uzume’s shirt or something?  Maybe the author is running out of ideas and is just throwing us alot of fanservice but this manga is fucking slow as hell.  Maybe its just how slow the manga is getting released that I’m annoyed with or maybe it is the actual manga pacing (taking 2 whole chapters to start the explanation).  Whatever the case this manga better pick up its pacing because it is way too slow.  Its turning out to be like Bleach where it would take 10 chapters to freaking progress to the next scene.  If it ever turns out like that I’ll have to drop this manga even though its full of fanservice that I like.  I didn’t enjoy this chapter at all considering it didn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know.

You can find the files at A-Team’s website when they’re available.  You can find the raw files here, I got it off Jcafe so thank the ones that scan it.

PS:  Added the link to A-Team’s website as well as update some more information in the review.  Also updated the picture because I suck at leveling >_<.