The scene starts out with the magic council on the ship regrouping.  It seems like everyone on the ship survived and they rendezvous with Doranbalt to get an update on the situation.  He told them that a three-way war is happening as he speaks with Grimoire Heart, Fairy Tail, and Black Mage Zeref.  Etherion said that the chairman might use the “Sealed Ray of Light” to get rid of the evil plaguing the island.

Lucy Telling Leo To Come Back To Her - Why Is Her Breasts So Small In This Pic =(

Scene switches over to Lucy’s group who got pwned by Capricorn.  Leo told them to get away and that he’ll deal with the goat.  He also said that Capricorn is using a type of magic that makes human weak but since he is a spirit it would not work on him.  Capricorn can summon humans just like spirit summoned mages.  Capricorn figured out that Lucy is Reira Heart-Philia’s daughter and for some reason he is pissed and wants to kill her.

I like this chapter.  It revealed a little bit more of Lucy’s past and also show why four of the groups best mages got pwned so easily.  I bet you that by the end of this arc Lucy will somehow tame this Capricorn fellow.

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once Mangastream takes the link down).