The teachers were talking about how their students are missing.  Itoi Rina (the girl that blue ranger likes) is also missing.  Meanwhile the students was told by the king that the general has fallen in love with his daughter and if they can get rid of him they can marry his daughter.  It was made so that you’d think Rina was the princess but that wasn’t the case haha (guess who the princess was…).  In order for them to get back to Earth they have to defeat the Demon Lord an artificial intelligence that the prince created.  The general working for the Demon Lord is power level 1300 (I’m surprise he didn’t say over 9000) and there isn’t anyway for them to defeat him.  The princess left with the general while the rangers head toward the holy shrine for sanctuary.  There was a funny parody of Azumanga Daioh (one of the best anime/manga if you haven’t read/watch it before) where the red ranger kept saying bus explosion over and over again mirroring Chiyo.  The prince is explaining to the rangers on how to beat the game.

Demon Lord Prince Baka

They all meet at the shrine and the Demon Lord explains to the Color Ranger his past as well as what he wants from the game.  Then the prince explains the game’s objective, which is to entertain so the kids entertained him with the Golden Hammer.  They all return to Earth but whenever they’re together they’re teleported back to the RPG planet.  The prince has taken over the planet as the new Demon Lord.  End of this arc.

Although this arc was somewhat funny, I’d rather they move onto another arc.  It was funny but kind of childish and some part of the arc was kind of gay like the way the red ranger acted.  I just didn’t really enjoy those types of jokes so I’m looking forward to the new arc next week.  On the positive side was that this whole arc was quite nostalgic with the appearance of the color rangers, rpg games, and elementary school setting.

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