They kept following him even though he refused.  When he saw Yumin, he was embarrassed about the lie that he said about being part of a video game company.  Sae Teo then said how being part of Gondar (Korean word for gang) was like having a job which got Ken’s attention.  He refused to have all the revenue and demanded a salary which I found hilarious.  They went to have a make over for their new boss along with a new attire.  Cheering and Dancing ensues.

Celebration For The New Boss

This chapter is pretty funny with the way it sets up the impression that the gang have alot of money since they’re dressed in Armani and Valentino; however we’ll soon find out otherwise.  This is more of a funny chapter with the way its drawn and its the birth of the organization.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.