The Town Cover Poster

From the previews that I’ve seen on TV this movie seems to be about a group of guys robbing a bank and taking a hostage.  One of the guys fell in love with the hostage but the only problem is that she saw through the mask of one of the robbers.  Will she recognize him?  Will he kill her to keep her quiet?  Pretty good reviews so I’ll check out the movie and we’ll find out.

I thought the actors and actress in this movie did a great job.  The bridge that leads into Boston, the Bunkerhill Monument, the scenic route in and around Boston  was a plus in its “authenticity.”   The car-chasing scene was amazingly done and the last heist kept you on the brink of your chair anticipating what would happen to the crew.  I was glad that the movie wasn’t a cliché robbery where the main actor falls in love with someone who turns around to screw him and get him caught.  The plot was awesome, the acting was well executed, and the anticipation of the next heist peeked your interest throughout.

The movie opens up with the typical robbery at a bank.  They’re all wearing skull masks, ran into the bank and holding up all the customers to get rid of their cellphone and blackberries.  After making the bank manager Claire, open up the safe they held her hostage while they make their getaway.  After she was released the scene switches over to the Frawley the FBI agent leading the investigation.

Opening Bank Heist Introducing The Crew And Claire

One of the robber (James Coughlin) wanted to make sure that she saw nothing that could of identify them and link them to the robbery.  The other robber (Doug MacRay) said that he’d take care of her.  Meanwhile the FBI is talking to the girl that was held hostage and brief her on the situation.  Doug MacRay and James Coughlin had to distribute the cash as well as paying off various people.  They then spent the money on drugs, strippers, and gambling.  They then hit the bars and we’re introduced to James’s sister Krista.  Doug had to follow Claire to make sure she didn’t know information that could link them to the bank robbery.  He stalked her to the laundromat and he asked her out to dinner and boat ride.

Spending Their Hard Earned Money

Meanwhile the FBI found that in order for the robbers to be able to pull out the heist they had to have an inside man that knew about the camera wiring.  Frawley the FBI agent proceeded to talk things over with Claire and asked her out but she said that she might be going out with someone else already.  Later that night Doug met up with Claire and she told him about her hostage situation.  They then went to the hospital to visit one of her colleagues.  She then told Doug that she saw a tattoo on one of the robber and asked whether she should tell the FBI that information.  He talked her out of it by saying that they might come after her if they found out.  She then told her how some guys were giving her trouble by throwing beer bottles at her car and what not.  Doug and James proceeded to visit those guys and give them some payback.

Hockey Players Taking Out The Trash

Doug told Claire about his family situation about how his mother left and his father was traumatized.  James saw Doug having lunch with Claire and they got into an argument as to why he is hanging out with the one person that can put them into jail.    Doug visits his dad in jail and is getting prepped for his next job.  They hit another bank and this time is disguise as nuns.  After a nice car chase scene through downtown Boston the robbers were able to get away before the cops pull up the bridge connecting Boston to Charlestown.

Nuns With Guns

The FBI and cops arrested Doug, James, and the rest of the crew but they didn’t have any evidence against them so they had to let them go.  Doug gave Claire a diamond necklace and Frawley came by her place to show them their list of suspects.  Doug argued with James saying that he doesn’t want to do anymore heist.  Their Irish partner Fergie did not see eye to eye with him regarding him wanting to get out and threaten to kill Claire if he does so.  He visits Claire but she was furious with him regarding his lies and deceit after seeing his picture as one of the suspects.  He had to agree with the last heist at Fenway to keep Claire safe from Fergie.

Having A Conversation In Boston

Frawley met up with Krista and asked her whether Doug ever got her a diamond necklace.  Meanwhile the crew is getting ready for their next job.  Krista meets up with Doug to talk things over however he said he doesn’t like her and told her to get out.  Doug and James dress up as cops to rob the Fenway cash.  They got away with the cash and were about to transport it to the ambulance to make their getaway however Krista has informed the FBI about the situation so the FBI surrounded Fenway.  The group held their ground and a shootout occurs soon afterwards.  Most of the crew was killed while Doug and James dressed up as cops to blend in with their surroundings.  They almost got away however James was sighted and killed.  Doug came back and killed Fergie and his sidekick and attempt to call Claire.  The FBI used Claire as bait to try and catch Doug; however, Doug left for Florida but he buried his money near the flower patches where Claire works.  She dug it up and used it to fund the ice hockey for the local kids around Charlestown.

The Last Stand Against The Law

I really enjoyed the movie just because the scenes were all around Boston.  The car chase scene was really awesome with the amount of cops involved as well as their driving skills used to outrun the cops.  The acting was really well done and the audience is able to emotionally feel what the actors are going through.  I like the ending just because it wasn’t too cheesy with the hero dying at the end or anything like that.  The action, emotional, and strategically planning scenes was thoroughly coordinated and I’d recommend people watching this fast pace action filled movie.  I’d give this a