Kuga is blaming the iris for what happened to her and Houjou.  She thinks that if people didn’t have an iris then nobody would of been able interfering with her relationship therefore she plans to get rid of all of the iris.  She called out Sasamori and asked her if she likes anyone.  Toru came by to see what is going on which embarrasses Sasamori and made her run off.  Sasamori meets up with Tokita and is weary of him but he is still the most qualified to help Kuga and he also wants to be on her side.

Is That Suppose To Be A Cross o_O?

Soon afterwards a rumor is spreading that there is an iris hunter.  People suspect that it is the iris zero that is behind the problem and everyone is cautious of Toru.  He walks into a classroom full of people hating him and telling him to go home.

Sasamori never stops being cute haha.  I wonder how Kuga is getting rid of people’s iris and how is Tokita going to be able to help.  What’s more interesting is how is Toru going to deal with this dilemma.  I like this chapter alot because its getting a bit darker but it is still keeping its comical cuteness side.

You can download it from Simple Scans or Ala-Atra Scans.