The chapter cover page shows Rika (little girl that fed Zoro the rice balls) making rice balls at a marine base while training as a waitress.  In this chapter everyone seems to be either heading toward the Ryuguu Palace or Forest of Seas.  Robin is heading toward the Forest of Seas after she hijacks the bus.  Meanwhile Hodi, Decken, and a whole army of giant fish monster is heading toward Ryuguu Palace.

The Bigger They Are The Harder They'll Fall

Zoro had fun taking care of all the pirates inside the palace.  Hodi and Decken enter the palace but found that the princess is missing.  Decken is seen riding a coral reef toward the princess direction and have the mentality that he’d rather kill her than hand her over to someone else.  Franky is at the Forest of Seas with the Sunny and Den (Tom’s brother) who does not look like Tom at all.  This is because fishmen genes can remember their old ancestor so anything can pop out if its in their lineage.  Den will be coating their ship since he knows about what happened to Tom from Kokoro’s letters.  Franky spots Jinbe sitting alone at the Forest of Seas.

Finally Showing What Robin Was Up To

Overall this chapter was kind of boring.  It had alot of talking and although I usually like talking, it didn’t really progress the storyline that much.  Shirahoshi and Luffy is still heading toward the Forest of Seas so they didn’t really have much panel time.  They did show Robin and Franky to see what they’re up to though which was a plus.  This chapter wasn’t really funny or anything and was really full of useless information.  Actually there was a funny scene with King Neptune thinking just like Luffy and thought that she could be hiding inside Megalo.  Oh wells next chapter we’ll see Jinbe in the mix and hopefully more comical scenes continues or have Zoro destroy Hodi and his army.

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