Ken meets up with Yumin (every time I say that name I keep thinking about Lumen from Dexter) and asked her out to lunch which she agreed.

Yumin Checking Out The Time - Why Do Chicks Wear Their Watch Inward

He starts talking about how he is working at a video game company and the geeks sitting behind him starts to make fun of him and say that he probably doesn’t even have an office nor a job (which is all true ^_^).  Yumin wanted to visit his workplace so he agreed and told her to come visit it tomorrow.  Ken is all pissed so he follows the geeks back to their place of operation (they’re gold farmers).  He asks Jung Tao to help him with taking out the trash (he didn’t really need the help) and he kicked the geeks out.  He also encouraged them to make a real MMORPG with a gang type of environment and thus he have found his new headquarter.

I like this chapter just because it talked about the MMORPG geeks.  It also sets the group up with a headquarter that they can use as well as introduce the main heroine of the series.  Its pretty funny chapter with the way they describe the game and its environment and Yumin is pretty hot so check it out.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.