Woot finally episode is out.  The story continues where it left off and we’re shown Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya in the infirmary.  Satellizer starts to give Kazuya a verbal lashing about him knowing his place and not butting into problems he cannot solve.  Although she sounded harsh she was just worried about him getting hurt.

The three (Kazuya, Arthur, and Hiiragi) starts to talk about the prom and the Pandora Queen contest.  Elizabeth was the previous winner of the contest and we’re shown a glimpse of her.  Elizabeth and her gang of 3rd years are talking by the pool (damn she loves being naked huh) about how they’ve lost to Satellizer so they’ll leave her alone for now.  Atia said she can torment Satellizer without actually fighting her.  Satellizer wanted to apologize to Kazuya about her lashing when she saw Rana meeting up with the group.

Feeling Her Breast - mmhmm Nice And Soft ^_~

The Pandora Queen competition isn’t in the manga.  Kazuya meets up with Satellizer to go with her to the party and we’re shown a nice groping.  Atia meets up with Kazuya and Satellizer and challenge her to a duel and said they’ll settle it with the Pandora Queen competition.  Sister Margaret isn’t at the party because she is coordinating with the military to deal with the dimensional phenomena.  This is important because it sets up the storyline for the upcoming episode about the Nova invasion.

All the girls are wearing very revealing clothes for the Pandora Queen competition.  Satellizer got some encouraging words from Rana and Kazuya but is all nervous and is very moe on the stage.  The contest ends 5th place as Ganessa, 4th place is Rana, 3rd place is Atia, 2nd is Elizabeth, 1st is Satellizer.  Atia is plotting something afterwards….stupid video got cut off >_<.

All Hail The Slut Queen ... Errr I Mean Pandora Queen

Sweet was able to use the neighbor’s network to continue watching the videos.  Atia is telling the other girls to make Satellizer wear a very revealing outfit during the crowning to humiliate her.  Satellizer wore it on stage and was all embarrassed when it starts to become transparent and Kazuya came to rescue by freezing everyone in place and running off with her.

This episode is all filler and all fanservice and it didn’t really progress anything story wise but hey more boobs isn’t bad right.  So somehow he faints when he freezes 3 chicks but yet he can run away after freezing thousands of people at the party?  Enjoy the fanservice while it last and next week we’ll have a storyline episode probably about Cassie.

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu Hiryuu, and Hatsuyuki when they’re available.