The episode starts off with the result from last episode.  The elder said he is certain that he killed a wolf and not that man.  Victorique found acorns around the man that was shot.  Victorique found the proof that she needed and the three hide behind some pillar in the church to catch the perpetrator.  The inspector came by to arrest Derek Banks and everything was solved.  The three were thieves who had an internal quarrel so Derek killed them and tried to cover it up.  The elder told them that the village isn’t a village but the country of Seyrun and he is the king.

Back at the inn the nun was helping the inspector keeping an eye on Victorique.  Victorique is going to use Ambrose and Kujo to help clear her mother’s name.  She explains how Harminia framed her mother and killed elder Theodore.  The reason behind that was because Theodore predicted that Harminia would die in 20 years during the festival.  She killed him because she didn’t want to die.  Elder Sergius ordered for her head to be chopped off but Ambrose told her to run away.  She lit the village as well as the only bridge leading to the outside world on fire.  She wanted to kill Victorique but Kujo was fighting her instead and in the end Ambrose came to the rescue and knocked her off the bridge.  As they’re running across the bridge it collapse and Kujo was about to fall to his doom when Victorique grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

Awww Victorique Just Wants To Be Together With Kujo

We’re shown Cordelia and Brian Roscoe on top of a cliff looking over the village.  Victorique explains in the carriage that the country of Seyrun was used in the ancient times.  There was a race of people that was small and not physical but because of their intellect, they were able to defend against invading forces and these people were called Seyrun.  At the train station Ambrose asked Kujo why they asked the village elder the same question.  When they were heading back we’re shown Victorique’s red bruised hands.

I very much enjoyed this chapter just because it went into great depth about Victorique’s past.  She was able to prove her mother’s innocence however it seems like her mother isn’t dead yet.  This raise more questions than it answered like what is the relationship between Brian Roscoe and Cordelia.  It also brought the whole arc to a closing and it was very well done.  Maybe Ambrose will join the school and be a regular.

As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.