This chapter just took a 180 degree turn from what it used to be.  It changed from being all comical to “adult” oriented.  Not really suited for work >_< (well you should be working at work anyway).  Ji-Hui was getting harassed (thats putting it nicely) by the gangs that destroyed the old man’s stall back in chapter 1.  Ken being the hero of the series came in to stop them and kicked their asses and then ran away through the backdoor.    They met up with the old man and found out that he closed his stall because that gang held a grudge.  He didn’t blame Ken though and even provided Ken and the girl a place to stay.

Ji-Hui Thanking The Hero

We also found out that those guys are from the Garugi gang.  Ji-Hui wanted to “thank” Ken for helping her but he refused by saying that he already have someone he likes.  He also told her that she isn’t defiled and the chapter ends with him walking out probably to gather up his gang and kick the Garugi’s asses.

Up to this point everything have been comical and upbeat and this is where the main theme of this manga will be shown.  There will always be some sort of antagonist in a story and this is just the first group of antagonist that the guys have to overcome.  Considering that these guys were introduced so early I’d imagine they’re easy pushovers that shouldn’t cause any problems.  Hope not anyway…

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.