This chapter started out with Kazuya telling Rana that he is sorry to leave her alone but he was invited to go to Bali.  On the plane trip Satellizer questions Kazuya about why he have to report everything and get permission from Rana and he said that they’re all friends with each other.  She responded that she isn’t a friend of Rana and he said that only he knows her best and that Satellizer is really timid and nice underneath her cold exterior.  A limousine came by to pick them up to the hotel and Kazuya is all amazed at the scenery.  They meet up with Violet and a few funny scenes occur.  At the end we’re introduced to Louis and his limiter Holly Rose.

That Is The Type of Sister In Law I Want =)

This is just an introductory chapter for Kazuya with Satellizer’s family.  We get to know her sister’s name and also we get to see Satellizer’s brother.  A thing to note is that Satellizer and Louis’ limiter look almost exactly the same and she hates Satellizer by the looks of it.  Satellizer is scared of her brother as well.  We’ll see where this leads.

Its out and you can get it from FTH-Scans