Chapter opens up with Ken hiding from some Asian guy (they’re all Asian huh o_O) with black hair from some southeast Asian country because he thought that he was from Garugi.  Ken then enters the pub that was all messed up and meets up with Miss Ryu (head prostitute) who sold off Ji-Hui (the girl that Ken saved in the previous chapter).  Miss Ryu blames Ken for the Garugi’s retaliation; however Ken received some words of encouragement from the old man afterwards.

Words Of Encouragement Always Lighten The Mood

Scene switches over to Bon Fuu a Vietnamese guy who is part of the Garugi gang that Ken met at the beginning of the chapter.  Ji-Hui is getting tortured by the gang and is they’re using her as bait to get Ken.

This chapter shows the gang’s retaliation against the pub and sets up the setting for Ken to attack their headquarter.  It also shows Bon Fuu which will probably be one of Ken’s antagonist or maybe another recruit.  We’ll find out soon enough.

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.