New arc is starting.  Mikihisa and Satomi is going on a trip together.  There is a flashback that talked about the Macbac, an all female insect humanoid race, and how Princess Saki is looking for a groom.  The problem about this romantic scenario was that the groom’s race was always wiped out.  The planets were wiped out because the men can not reproduce anymore after having sex with the queen because of a virus that is transmitted by the queen to the population.  The three subordinates go ahead with their match-unmaking plans by telling them all of Earthling’s bad qualities to save Earth.

Princess Saki And Her Search For A Mate

Satomi left because she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed and as Mikihisa was heading back Princess Saki asked for him to marry her.   A funny scene with the interpreter trying to break up the relationship occurred afterward.  Santa Claus punched out one of the subordinate haha and the two lovers were seen running off.  As they were about to kiss,  they got interrupted and they informed the princess that Mikihisa is a girl.

Female looking for a mate?  Seriously sound like a hentai I watched way back when.  This is a funny episode with the way the three are trying to break up their relationship and save Earth.  Quite an unexpected ending haha.  Girl on girl action o_O?  I’ll update a more detailed screenshot later once Commie Subs or WhyNot release their version.

You can get the episode at WhyNot or Commie Subs when they’re available.