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One Piece 619

I got the spoilers from apforums.  Anyway it seems like everyone is meeting up at the forest and Jinbe is revealing all his secrets.  It seems to be interesting with all the high packed action happening on Zoro’s side while the story driven is on Luffy’s side.

Jinbe's WTF Face

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here when it is available.

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Coloring Take 3

I just finished coloring this picture and I hope you guys and gals would take a look at it and tell me what you guys think.    This exercise actually taught me alot about shadowing, highlighting, and glow effects.  It was actually one of the easier project just because of the way the drawing was made.  I found that doing shadows is a much easier time than doing highlights just because of the way the multiply layer works.  In order for the lighter highlights to show up I’d have to go back and delete the the actual colors layer.  Enough babbling here is the picture enjoy and you guys can check out the creative process for this project here.


Level E 12

That was an unexpected twist at the end.  People of similiar traits attract I guess and in this case it’s called weirdness haha.  This arc was really weird so I suggest you watch it carefully especially toward the end.

Brought Up To Love The Prince…She Must Be Insane

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It seems like every group is screwing with Ken’s group.  First it was the CEO who treated his group like trash which led them to helping the casino boss.  The casino boss is probably going to screw them as well since we saw Pickaxe with a black and blue eye in the previous chapter.  What I like about this chapter was that Ken’s group isn’t those goody two shoes and they’d actually take revenge against the groups that screw them.  This situation was foreshadowed quite a bit in the previous chapters so I’m not too surprise but I enjoy reading the revelation of the past.

Hard At Work To Spread Scandals

You can check out the raws here and you can download from Random Scanlation when it’s available.

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Historie 68

This chapter was the beginning of a new arc.  Apparently Eumenes is back in Cardia (his hometown) for official business.  Everyone is surprise and the town leader had to be courteous toward him.  Lets see how he is going to treat the people in the town that abandoned him.


Back At Home Sweet Home

You can download the manga at Hox Scanlation as well as read it online here.

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Fairy Tail 228

Its interesting that they just introduced someone that seems very powerful.  Also it seems like Hades have some sort of hidden agenda by getting all the Fairy Tail’s mages together.  There is also a pissed off Juvia in this chapter, can’t wait for her to kick some ass.

Dark Shadowy Figure

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once mangastream takes the link off) .

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This episode was completely different than the manga.  I didn’t like how they made the two blondes (Satellizer and Elizabeth) appear weak in this episode and the 3rd years aside from Elizabeth should of had more trouble with the mind controlled.  Rana as well seems kind of weaker in this anime than its manga counterpart.  On a bright side they actually made Kazuya use his ability unlike the manga.

Holy Crap 3xSatellizer = 3x2=6 Tits…Can't Wait

You can grab the episode from Hiryuu, Hatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.


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Gosick 10.5

As you all know Gosick wasn’t aired last week because of the earthquake and tsunami on some of the channels.  So what they did was show a recap on the channels that did show the anime so that the other channels can catch up.  What this means is that we get a very boring recap chapter.  Enjoy >_<.  Here are some faces behind the lovable characters.

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As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

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Basically this was one of the outcome that was expected after they beat the CEO’s son.  The CEO retaliated and the interesting part is wondering how does Ken’s group fit into this situation.  They were considered trash so how will they take a 180 degree turn from their situation.  Maybe this is tied in with Pickaxe’s black eye.

Face Off...Casino Boss vs Corporation Boss

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Sun-Ken Rock 26

This chapter was just a flashback at the spoiled CEO’s son.  He causes trouble at the casino and then expect his father to bail him out.  If you ask me he deserves more than a beaten for trying to hit that pretty woman.

That's What You Get For Causing Trouble Punk

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