Megamind Cover Poster

This movie has a decently good review on rottentomatoes and I’m a sucker for animated movies.  I didn’t read anything about the movie so I didn’t know what to expect.  I saw a blue headed man so I expected something to do with aliens.  I was a bit off since this movie is more about superheroes and villains than aliens invasion or any of that sort.  There was a lot of parodies in this movies to other movies, events, and ideas.  This whole movie is basically about a villain’s life story where he had a life’s calling to become bad but over his course of being bad he turns good and becomes the hero of the city.

The animation is cute and cuddly and the acting and choreographer was very well done.  Although some of the characters could of been animated a little bit better like having the reporter have long hair or better looking would of been nice.  Or have the camera man not look like 3rd grade’s backyard bully would of been nicer.  The facial features of most of the characters was very detailed and it really expresses the way the characters show their emotions.  There were many unexpected things that the characters did that happened during the movie and it was awesome.  Although some of the things the characters did throughout the movie seems kind of cheesy and over the top, overall I enjoyed this movie.  The little quirks that they do like how Megamind couldn’t pronounce most of the words was entertaining.  The funny character interactions was very amusing that your whole family would love to watch.

With no further ado lets proceed with the movie overview.  The movie opens up with Megamind falling to his doom and himself narrating the movie about the events leading up to his demise.  It all started when he was 8 days old and escaping from his home world.  During the course of his escape he meets up with his long time rival, Metroman.  The baby animation was really cute for both him and Metroman.

Imagine How Much Smarter He'd Of Been If He Didn't Lose Half His Brain Cells During The Escape

Metroman landed in a nice rich family with “superman’s” powers while Megamind crashed into the prison and he only had his enhanced intellect to defend himself.  He went to school with Metroman and no matter how hard he tried to be good he always failed at it and he was destined to be a supervillain.  The story fast forward a couple of years and Megamind is in prison in solitary confinement.  He got a watch from Metroman as a present but the warden took it for himself.  The scene changes over to a Roxanne and Hal talking about Metroman Day and how she always gets kidnapped.  There was an invisible car that knocks her out and kidnaps her.  Meanwhile the warden gets transformed into Megamind and is placed inside the solitary confinement which allows Megamind to escape with the help of Minion.

Talking Fish Reminds Me Of The Cartoon With A Brain Controlling A Purple Bear

We’re then introduced to Metroman who is celebrating his celebrity status with the crowd.  The stuff he does seems quite lame and cheesy haha but it makes his character funny.  A funny scene occurs afterwards with Roxanne, Minion and Megamind discussing about his predictable antics.  He then contact Metroman so that he can save Roxanne and Roxanne proceeded to tell him that she is held at the observatory.  Metroman goes to the new observatory and a little banter between the two ensues.  As the death ray starts to charge up, Metroman tries to escape the observatory; however, he couldn’t escape and said that his weakness is copper.

Your Weakness Is Copper…..You're Kidding Right

The death ray hits and we’re shown a skeleton of Metroman flying toward Megamind.  “He did it” was the response that everyone kept saying.  A nice celebration through the city was expected as Megamind continues toward City Hall.  After some time of non challenged thievery we’re shown Megamind expressing his sadness and regret since he doesn’t have anymore rival.  He is talking to himself atop the Metroman building expressing how much he misses him.  He is also planning to blow up the building and at the same time he saw Roxanne in the same building.  He dehydrate Bernard and replicate his image to fool Roxanne.

Bernard Looks Like A Mad Scientist

As they’re about to escape the building they start to talk about having a hero rise up to take care of Megamind.  She says that heroes are created which gave Megamind the idea of using Metroman’s DNA to make a new hero so that he can have a hero to fight.  As they’re making the super power Roxanne found their secret lair.  After a few antics here and there in the lair, Roxanne accidentally fired the powered gun at Hal thus giving him super powers.  Megamind and Minion visits Hal at his place in disguise and start to train him to be the new superhero for the city.

Luke I'm Your Space Dad Or Something…

While he is training Hal to be the new superhero, he also starts to fall in love with Roxanne.  He starts to return everything back to its original place.  Minion finds out about his date with Roxanne and gets into an argument with him thus resulting in Minion leaving because Megamind “…doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore.”  Roxanne figures out Megamind’s master plan which was to create Titan.  Titan takes her around the city to impress her but she rejected him.  Roxanne meets up with “Bernard” and kissed him but he turns into Megamind which disgust her.  After losing his lover, he starts his grand plan to fight with Titan.  Titan never showed up to their duel so he visits Titan’s place where Titan told him he wants to team up and be evil.  Megamind revealed that he was his space dad as well as Bernard which made Titan angry enough to kill him.  Megamind starts to lose badly and his backup plan to trap Titan in a copper encased orb didn’t work.  The city is now “under new management.”

Titan Was Going To Get Trapped … Or So He Thought…

Megamind visits Roxanne for help and they try to find out Titan’s weakness.  They visit Metroman’s hideout which was his old school.  They found that Metroman was still alive but he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore.  He explains the situation and how he faked his death so that he can follow his dream of being a rock star.  After refusing to come back to help them, Megamind gives up and head back to prison.  Roxanne tries to reason with Titan but he took her hostage and wants a duel with Megamind.  Minion makes up with Megamind and help him escape prison to battle Titan.

Gawd Damn That Is A Big Blue Face

After killing Megamind, Titan tries to kill Roxanne as well however Metroman shows up and scares Titan away.  It was revealed that Megamind was Minion in disguise and Metroman was Megamind in disguise and the plan almost worked for one small glitch which was the way Metrocity was pronounced.  Megamind found the gun and was thrown into the air which leads to the scene at the beginning of the movie.  He turns himself into a hydrated cube, fell into the pool and then proceed to shoot and diffuse Titan’s powers.  The movie ends with Megamind being the new superhero of the city.

This movie was pretty good with its little quirks here and there.  The music was upbeat throughout the movie and the comedy throughout the movie was nonstop.  The animation and acting was superbly done although some of the characters aren’t as cute as the Pixar movies.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would recommend everyone to watch it with their family.  I’ll give this a