We get to know a few things in this chapter.  We get to know that Kuga is behind the Iris Hunting incidents from what Shinozuka is saying.  We also know that Sasamori is in love with Toru and that is why she is all embarrassed to look or does not want to see the X or O because she is afraid to lose her love.  We get to see the whole gang supporting Toru just by talking to him from what Yuki was saying.  Hopefully this whole mess will get resolved quickly so we can go back to the mystery solving >_<.

To Look Or Not To Look...That Is The Question

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The bullying continues and Toru said he is used to the situation already so it doesn’t bother him.  Yuki mention to Kuga that it isn’t as bad as it used to be for Toru because he has people that he can talk to like Sasamori.  Kuga then goes to Sasamori and tells her that if she had her iris it would be hard to look at the person she likes in the face because she would know if they’re qualified or not.  This made Sasamori start to avoid Toru because she was embarrassed.

While Kuga is plotter her evil ways, Shinozuka was able to see what is happening.  His best friend made him not interfere with the situation so he isn’t saying anything to anyone.  Back in the classroom the students are saying that even Sasamori is avoiding Toru because of the rumors.  He goes out to meet her but she turns around (because of what Kuga told her) and he quickly realize that he has betrayed his policy of low exposure.