If you guys have not check out this series yet I suggest you do so.  It has by far the BEST drawing out of all the manga that I’ve read (I’ve read alot).  Its name can also be called “Young Bride’s Story.”  The author is Kaoru Mori, the same author that created Emma (another great manga if you have not already read it).  Otoyomegatari is about the story of different young brides set during the 19th century.  It starts off with Amira Hergal who is married to 12 years old Karluk Ayhan.  They love each other deeply but she is considered old for a new bride and we get to explore how their story unfolds.  It’s a very loving, cute, interesting, and historical storyline and I HIGHLY recommend people check out the manga.

This slice of life chapter is pretty relaxing.  Its funny how Amira’s cute antics would always show up like her love for pomegranates or her nomadic way of life.  Its interesting that Pariya might actually be able to get a boy of her own if she plays her card right.  Also the guide seems to be able to just get the guard to pay for everything, I wonder how much power does England actually have during this time.  I like this chapter with its showing of the different types of food it reminds me of Indian food that I ate a few weeks ago.  I was so sad that there wasn’t any One Piece release this week but this release brought back my smile =).

Love For Pomegranates

Please check it out over at Scantily-Clad and you can grab it off their irc #Scantily-Clad@irc.irchighway.net.

The young couple is getting hungry sitting around waiting for Mr. Smith.  The group started to go shopping around the marketplace.  Haha Amira was mesmerized by the pomegranates.  Haha it reminds me of Luffy in One Piece and his takoyaki eyeballs.  Amira found some junk food for the group as well as feathering the pheasants to get them roasted.  Meanwhile Mr. Smith’s guide is explaining how to cook his fried rice.  One thing lead to another and the whole market started to join in with their meals and they soon started a banquet.  It seems like there was someone who wanted to introduce his son to Pariya.   The scene switches over to Mr. Smith where he is talking about India and how he owns a place in India and they can move there.