So out of this list which anime are you guys looking forward to watching.  I got my eyes on two anime right now and it is Steins;Gate and [C] The Money Of Soul And Possibility Control.  For Steins;Gate the story follows a group of people that figured out a way to send text messages into the past.  There is an organization that is looking for these people.  The manga for Steins;Gate is pretty good and I want to check out what the anime can offer.  As for The Money of Soul, I really hope that it deals with the stock market.  From the brief review it seems like Japan just recovered from a depression and there is a guy that wants to just live a normal life.  He was given a large sum of money from a stranger but he has to pay it back.  They say his life will be intertwined with the Financial District and I really hope that means he’ll be pulled into the financial career of stock exchanging.



The Money of Soul and Possibility Control


Here is a few trailers that you can check out to see if they’re actually good or not.  The first one is Steins;Gate’s trailer.


The second one is for [C] The Money Of Soul And Possibility Control.