Poor Bon Fuu, he lost a real hottie.  Bon Fuu is a really tragic character and he has lost everything that meant anything in his life.  Although he is supposedly meant to be the “bad” guy, you can’t really feel any hatred toward him because of what he went through.  I really wish he’d join Ken’s group sometimes later on into the story.

Bon Fuu's Tragic Past - Wish She Survived

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.

Bon Fuu is reminiscing about the past about his father going to Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  His dad went back to Vietnam to apologize to the village that his soldiers destroyed and settled down with a hot chick to boot.  His dad taught him Tae-Kwan Do and his uncle taught him Muay Thai.  His father was killed by Agent Orange so he moved to Korea.  He met a He-Yah and fell in love with her however their happy lives would not last.  She jumped out of the building on the 5th floor to escape from being raped and died.

Bon Fuu killed all the managers and became a murderer and didn’t care about anything anymore thus he joined the Garugi.  He says that he hates the country and gang is synonymous with the word country.  He wants to get revenge on everyone and wants to join the crew only if they agree.  Ken disagrees and says he shouldn’t be using vengeance as a motivation and should use his powers to help the weaker.  Bon Fuu continues to fight Ken and broke both his arms.  They all lost to Bon Fuu but he left and meets up with the Branch Manager of Garugi (didn’t show what happened but he probably killed the manager).  In the hospital they figured that the crew have to get stronger.