This is an interesting chapter.  First episode where Kujo isn’t accompanied by Victorique and it seems like he is in a bit of a jam.  He probably got kidnapped at the end and Victorique will probably have to save the day again.

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As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

The episode opens up with Avril telling a scary story taking place in Saubreme about a girl looking at a mannequin and it starts to hypnotize and then it turns into a vampire.  Kujo then read a list of things that his sister wants him to get and one of them is a blue rose diamond.   He starts to head toward Victorique to give her a kimono.  She was excited about the kimono but got all embarrassed after showing her red palms (from an earlier episode) and told him to leave the cloth there for her while she reads her books.  She then proceeds to walk merrily with the cloth toward her house that is located within a maze (o_O).  She is having a hard time putting on the kimono.

Victorique is using the kimono as a pajama and got sick from it.  He is heading toward Saubreme to get the blue rose but he was worried about Victorique and question why he is with the inspector.  He was shopping for the blue rose but mistakenly got into the wrong room.  While in the elevator he mistakenly got off at the basement where he found a mannequin looking girl (what is up with him and loli girls?) who quickly disappeared.

The inspector wants to live up to somebody’s expectation so he followed Kujo to the store to followup with the case.  The crystal was missing and the little girl was hiding so they couldn’t find her.  The scene changes over to Victorique dreaming about the time when she was held in the tower and we’re given insight as to why she is always bored.  She starts to throw a fit after being told that she needs a shot.  Kujo informs Victorique about the situation while she was getting “treated” and we heard Kujo’s scream through the phone.