This chapter is kind of boring.  The crew knows about their lack of power after facing Bon Fuu and losing badly so they go and train.  This is just a setup for the training arc.  Only good thing in this chapter is we’re introduced to Kim sensei ^_~.  She is pretty funny throughout the story and she’ll be joining the crew with her panda panties.  Aside from that they do a bunch of workout to get stronger and there isn’t much to see other than that.

Its Not Just Priest But Monks Likes Young Boys As Well o_O

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.

Ken’s arms have recovered; however he wants to get stronger and Tae-Seo has a plan to make that happen.  They’re going to do military training at Chirisan Mountain.  They soon meet up with the monks one of which used to be Gondaru a legendary street fighter.  The monk is talking to Tae-Seo addressing him as young master and Tae-Seo says to trust him which he does.  Pickaxe calls out Ken to the mountain side and tries to kill him to take the place of the gang’s boss because Ken drove Miss Ryu away and now he can’t jizz on her haha.  He talks a little about his past where his village was destroyed by Americans (wow they ate Americans huh for some reason).  Ken beats him up and they head back to the temple.

The monks made the crew strip to begin their training.  They’re also introduced to the weapon instructor, Kim Hui-Rin.    A funny scene follows as she gives up her body if anyone can beat her with a weapon.  Ken and his group reached the summit peak in three days and yells out his resolution as to why he seeks power.