This chapter is pretty interesting.  For one thing Mira is fine and dandy :P.  For another thing is that these 7 kin has shown to have pretty hax powers with their magical bubbles and swords that can attack water.  It also starts to show Cana’s ulterior motive to find the grave instead of sticking with everyone to defend Fairy Tail.  Whether her motive is good or bad, we have yet to know but I’m interested in it.

Bubbles of Parallel Possibilities

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once Mangastream takes the link down).

Cana suggests that the group split into two and after some coercing not to mention boobs groping Grey decided to follow suit.  The scene switches over to Erza and Juvia who was getting attacked by one of the 7 kin.  Erza deflected the sword but it hit and damages Juvia’s water body for some reason.

Natsu found Zeref and is talking to the leader of the 7 kin of purgatory, time mage Ultear Milkovich (sounds Russian).  Ultear creates bubbles of alternate possible futures and start to attack Natsu with it.  We found out that everyone survived but they are badly hurt.  They said they need to reunite to overcome the enemies that are facing Fairy Tail at the moment.

Lucy starts to explain about the location of Mevius’ Grave and how it is related to the E path (remember they took different paths during the exam).  She then puts Lucy to sleep with her card magic and Lucy was later found by the fat member of the 7 kin (can’t remember his name).