This episode follows another girl that is similar to Satellizer in ability.  It also explores Kazuha’s past and her relationship with all the really good rookies.  It seems like the anime deviated a little bit with the anime regarding Cassie’s introduction but nevertheless it created the same concept regarding the attack on East Genetics and the Nova’s absorption turning the Pandoras into drones.  I’m looking forward to the next episode to see Satellizer and Cassie duking it out.

Absorbed To Be Used As Sex Slaves….Well Not Really 😛

This episode can be downloaded from WhyNotHiryuu, and Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

It starts out with the group watching Cassie destroying two Novas in a simulation.  Satellizer continues to daydream about her dance with Kazuya.  Kazuya is talking with Cassie and Sister Margaret explains how Kazuha (his sister) gave three of her Stigmas to Cassie.  She explains that her goal is to be a writer.  On the way back Sister Margaret continues to explain Cassie’s gifted talent with having a 90% compatibility rate.

The scene switches over to Cassie talking about how her father was the one that wants her to be a Pandora.  She also talks about her meeting with Satellizer when she beat up her limiter.  Kazuya found out that Satellizer also got some of Kazuha’s Stigmas.  Cassie explained how she fought with Satellizer and even though she was badly hurt she would not back off and she was very strong.

Four Type-S Novas are attacking the East Genetics and Cassie is getting ready to defend along with the rest of the school.  The missile from the helicopters didn’t have any affect (no duh that’s why you got big breasted girls to take care of them).  The Pandoras are starting their attack on the Novas and getting backed up by their limiter’s freezing.  Cassie got knocked back even though she was using her Quadruple Accel and the Nova follows the attack with a particle beam.

Everyone is talking about the attack on East Genetics, which upset Satellizer.  Arthur and Hiiragi are talking about the Ereinbar Set and how Satellizer looked like his sister. Arthur and Hiiragi asked the reason why he wanted to be her limiter was because she received his sister’s stigma.  Satellizer overheard and she ran off to her room thinking that he only wanted to be her limiter because of his sister.  Meanwhile the Novas are absorbing the Pandoras from East Genetics.