Historie is by far one of my favorite historical manga available and I hope you guys would check it out as well.  Just as any historical manga, it takes place in the past and this one is during the times of Alexander the Great.  If you’re into strategy and mind games as well as some historical settings then you’ll love this manga.  It is about the life of Alexander the Great’s secretary Eumenes.  It follows the time of his early childhood and following with how he was employed by King Phillip II (Alexander’s father).  I don’t know how much of the information is fact considering Eumenes’s life wasn’t really documented in great detail but I do know that it is really entertaining to read.  Some information is fictitious like Alexander’s split personality but I find it really thought out and written in detail enough that I’d believe it if I didn’t know any better.  There is a bit of romance, strategy, comedy, action, adventure, and history in this manga.  The only bad thing about this manga is it is released really slowly.

This chapter starts the life of Eumenes as a true Macedonian since he’ll own his own house.  It also shows how Antipater is trying to manipulate Eumenes for his own benefit considering how much the king praises him.  It also shows that Eumenes is really smart so he avoids Antipater so that he wouldn’t be used.  That or he is just an idiot and likes to hang out and play chess, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Eumenes And Men Of Great Power

You can download the manga at Hox Scanlation as well as read it online here.

Anyway on with chapter 67.  Eumenes was tasked with creating a game to be given to the city-states all around Macedonia.  He created the chess game and is showing it to the king who is accompanied by his two advisors Parmenion, Deputy Commander of the Macedonian Forces and Antipater, Elder Statesman.  Eumenes was nervous while playing the game with the king because he was sitting next to the two people that control so much power (even though he should be more nervous playing with the king).  After the game Antipater wanted Eumenes to visit his house.  Eumenes avoids him and is playing the chess game with Eurydice and is getting beaten by her.  Eumenes received a home of his own after making the game for the king.