Well family should get along so in a way I can understand what Violet wanted to accomplish but knowing his past she should of been much stricter with Louis.  This chapter was just a setup chapter and didn’t really present much information.  It was kind of bland but it did leave us with a cliffhanger for the upcoming chapter.

Isn't That Sweet…Family Bonding

Its out and you can get it from FTH-Scans.

The chapter starts out with Violet and Satellizer talking about how Violet purposely brought the two together to work out their differences because they’re all part of the family and that it was wrong of her to separate them in the first place.  The scene switches over to Kazuya and Satellizer talking about the vacation at the poolside when Louis came by and “joke” with Kazuya.  Later that night Kazuya and Satellizer were having dinner and after dinner he left.  The chapter ends with a cliffhanger with her opening the door and seeing Louis.