The episode was funny but it wasn’t extreme if that made any sense.  The captain did a lot of outburst which was part of his character and maybe it was the long explanation but I didn’t find the prince to be that funny in this episode.  It was kind of unexpected that Saki would attempt to change her partner’s sex instead of giving up but I guess with this anime just expect the unexpected.  Princess Saki seems pretty smart and I’d think she would be a good partner for the prince…too bad the captain wouldn’t want to die haha.

Their Fated Encounter....Or Is it

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Princess Saki was traumatized after finding out her fated partner was a girl.  She and her group head back to the mother ship to consult with the queen of the situation.  They meet up with the prince and he found out about the Macbac situation after bugging the hotel phones.  The prince informs them that he doesn’t think that the situation is solved yet.  Mikihisa received a note to rendezvous with the princess and the prince told them that the Macbacs can change their partner’s sexes.

The prince explains about how Mikihisa’s genetic makeup is closer to that of a male than a female and it’s easy for the Macbac to change her to a male.  On the spaceship Princess Saki is injecting her with male hormones.  The Dogurians are spying on Mikihisa to see her condition as she slowly changes to a man.  They found out that her memories have been erased so that the princess can relive her fated encounter.

The group kidnapped Mikihisa and they created a vaccine however they found out the enzyme had some fail safe mechanism.  The captain was about to shoot her to save the human race however the prince told them of another way to save humanity.  They cloned Mikihisa and make the clone encounter Saki.