This is just a fanservice chapter since nothing really happened during the chapter except for jokes and tits.  It’s a really funny and erotic chapter though so do check it out.  You might not like the way Kim sensei looks now but trust me, when she is in her suit and tie with her makeup off you’ll love her.  She is so funny and erotic its awesome having a female on the team.

Hui-Rin Seducing Her Student

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations but since its kind of old I’m going to recommend reading it here.

After the wet dreams, the training continues.  Even though they’ve trained hard like climbing down cliffs, they’re only fed with vegetarian food.  They also have to get used to the buddhist ways in discarding their waste.  This scene just made me burst out laughing really hard when I first see it so here you go.

After cleaning up Jung Tou showed them how to eat Ramen military style.  They then talk around the fireplace and Pickaxe wants to finish the training so he can do the weapon instructor.  Ken wants to confess to Yummin when he leaves the mountain.  The weapon instructor starts to teach them about the knife and its usage.  After expressing that he wants power to save the weak the instructor have fallen for him.  She takes him out at night and try to service him but he declines her offer (what a waste).