I got this movie after a family gathering where everyone was talking about new horror movies.  They said that Mirrors 2 was decent but it wasn’t as good as the first one.  After watching this movie I’d have to agree with everyone that it was okay but not great.  I never watched the first so I couldn’t compare it with that movie however I can tell you that this movie wasn’t very impressive.

It had a very good first impression when I first watch this movie.  It started very good but it only went downhill from there.  The acting was good but somewhat bad at the end; however, the plot was mediocre and the shock factor just fades after the first hour or so.  The acting toward the end was pretty bad especially the way Elizabeth tried to escape as well as the way Keller tried to catch Eleanor.  They’re just both bad actors.  The plot was average just because it was so expected that some random woman was abused and killed somewhere at the Mayflower and she wants to kill the party that was responsible.  There wasn’t enough time put into the movie for character development.  I didn’t felt fear, anger, resentment, scared, or excitement from the characters as they progress through the story.  The shock factor regarding Eleanor creepy looks died down after her third or fourth appearance within the movie.  The first few appearance was freaky as hell with the sound bites that came along with the scene.  Maybe it was because we couldn’t really see the ghost within the mirror fully or maybe it was because she was darker and more grotesque within the first few appearance but I wasn’t shocked anymore afterwards.

The reason why he could see the ghost was overly played in my opinion.  They should of just said he was the only one that can see the ghost because of the main character plot armor and I’d be fine with it.  But they took half an hour going through the guy’s life long story that frankly I didn’t really care about.  The one redeeming characteristic was that it included Christy Carlson Romano, the girl that voiced “Kim Possible.”  I grew up watching that cartoon so it was surprising to me when I saw her in this movie and she actually had a nude scene.  Just because of its strong start I’d give this movie a recommendation but don’t expect the high level  to continue throughout the movie.  I give this movie

Lets continue with the movie overview and you decide whether it was good or not.  The movie opens up with Max Matheson telling his psychiatrist about his reoccurring dreams about the death of his fiancé.  The scene switches over to a night guard who is making his rounds.  He took the towel off the mirrors and suddenly saw his own reflection but it wasn’t mimicking him.  The reflection dropped his flashlight and ate the glass from it and he started bleeding from his mouth and screaming.

Max dad called Max and woke up him to give him a job at the Mayflower.  Max came into work and saw a woman who is putting up a missing person paper on the street pole.  Max started to introduce him to Keller Landreaux, Jenna McCarty, and Ryan Parker.

He starts to get some coffee in the employee’s lounge and came upon the image in the mirror.  He was very shocked but a few people came into the room and he walked out.  He told his psychiatrist about how he saw a woman in one of the mirrors at work.  The scene switches over to Jenna’s place where the ghost is appearing in Jenna’s mirror.  Max starts to go through the security logs and Keller started to make friendly chat wit him.  As he was making his rounds he saw Jenna’s reflection inside the mirror and he saw her pull out her head.

The next day he starts to tell his psychiatrist about what he saw in the mirror and she told him some interesting facts about mirrors.  He also tells him there was an old Korean myth about the soul can leave the body and be trapped in the mirror.  At work he saw a palm print appearing inside a room but there wasn’t anyone inside.  He was also told about Jenna’s death as well.  While making his rounds he tried to talk to the mirror but nothing appears to be happening.

The scene switches over to Ryan Parker who is taking the elevator up to his apartment and the reflection was looking at him in the elevator.  Max was still doing his rounds when he saw Ryan in the mirror with his stomach intestines getting pulled out of him.  Ryan is still at his home cooking when he encountered the spirit within the mirror.  It proceeded to cut his Achilles tendons and he received a call from Max.  Max tried to stop by Ryan’s place but it was too late as his stomach was already cut open.  Police notice that Max was working at the Mayflower and suspects him of the murder.

Max calls his father and tells him he wants to quit.  He saw his dad’s reflection in the street puddles with him screaming with cut marks on his eyes and face.  The spirit is in the father home as Max hurries to his father’s place.  He was in the process of heating his pizza when the spirit attacked him.  Max was able to come by and stop the attack in time.  Max told him that he changed his mind and wants to continue working.

Back at the Mayflower Max was stopped by the police and was questioned but he told them he came by Ryan’s place as part of protocol.  Max started to talk to the mirror and was shown a light reflection coming from the mirror pointing him around the Mayflower and ending at the missing Eleanor Reigns paper outside the Mayflower.  He calls the person that put up the paper and he meets up with her the next morning.  He told her about how he saw her sister in the mirrors and she thinks that he was joking.  He then tells her about how he and his fiancé died in the car crash and now he can see images from beyond.  He had a dream about Eleanor killing him so he woke up and called Elizabeth and asked her for the specific date that she disappeared so that he can check the security logs.  It was missing and the last person that saw it was Henry (the security guard at beginning).

They started to go to his place and question him about Eleanor.  He then tells them about what happened during the night of her disappearance and told them to get out.  They went to the basement of the Mayflower and checked within a corridor with a furnace blocking the way.  Max found Eleanor’s body and Keller started to shoot them.

There was a flashback of what actually happened during Eleanor’s night of disappearance.  Jenna drugged Eleanor and got Keller to take her home.  He starts to rape her at the Mayflower and killed her afterwards as she ran away.  The chasing continues; however, at the end Eleanor kills Keller and dragged him through the mirrors.  The mirror shatters and the two embraced as they watch.  Henry confesses to what happened to the police and at the end Eleanor killed him through mirrors.

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