One week of not having One Piece makes me sad =(.  Oh well this chapter is pretty good.  It’s the beginning of the battle and it seems like we’ll have a Zoro vs. Hodi, and since Sanji is with Luffy I’d imagine that he’d fight Van Decken.  The water gushing into the palace will probably handicap Zoro but I think he’ll prevail.  I’m more interested in where Nami went off.  She is probably in the treasury room $$.

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here when it is available.

Cover story is of Koshiro in front of Kuina’s grave.  Nami was annoyed at Hodi’s tattoo on is arm.  Hodi continues to attack the island and water started to rush in and he starts to attack the soldiers with an arrow attack.  The king shields his own men and Zoro told Usopp to release the prisoners.

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Zoro starts to attack Hodi with a new technique however Hodi covered his attack with his own men.  Hodi said that sacrifices must be made in order for his goal to be achieved.  The scene switches over to Luffy where he meets up with Chopper and Sanji.  Megalo reached his limit and spits out the princess and Chopper told Sanji not to look back or he’ll die.  Everyone knows that Luffy has kidnapped the princess.