This chapter was pretty long but most of it was the extra funny stuff that isn’t story related.  This chapter allowed Sasamori to confess her true feelings and also allow Yuki to know about Kuga’s real intention.  It also tell us that Kuga isn’t the one spreading the rumors.  Kind of boring chapter actually.  Read the extra pages after the chapter though because it’s pretty funny.

Sasamori Stating Her Feelings

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The chapter starts out with Sasamori talking to the teacher that Yuki slapped in the earlier chapters.  She is talking about how Toru haven’t been to school for two weeks now but the Iris Hunter is still roaming about.  She also say how most of the adults does not care because they don’t have iris to begin with and can’t understand them; however, she will be on the student’s side.  Sasamori then talk with Shinozuka and told him to tell her all about Toru because she likes him.  He then told her about how he has been getting abused way before the Iris Hunter situation.  He showed her the hate mails from Toru’s lockers.  Scene switches over to Yuki who saw Kuga lying about not knowing what is going on with Toru.  She then told Yuki that she wasn’t the one spreading the rumors and she was telling the truth; however, she was glad that Toru stopped going to school.  Yuki and Shinozuka meets up and was talking about how Sasamori ran off to Toru’s place in the rain without an umbrella.