Alot of boobs shots during this episode which is always a plus.  They’re finally revealing what is the Nova’s objective.  Unlike the manhwa the anime actually is showing the prepping and fighting scene pretty vividly.  I actually enjoy this part of the anime better than the manhwa just because it shows so many boobs err I mean just because animated fighting scenes are way better than stilled picture frames.  It seems like they introduce a concept of positioning for the assault teams like the Strikers and Finishers which seems pretty cool with the strategy.  So since there were so many fanservice shots in this episode I’ll let you guys see if you can identify whose boobs belong to which characters.

The characters that match with the boobs below are shown here.

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The episode starts out with the teachers and Sister Magaret talking about the invasion and how the Novas seem to be evolved since the last time they fought them. They have lost communication signals to all their surveillance equipments.  Scene switches over to Satellizer who is showering and remembering about what Kazuya and his friends were saying about how he wanted to be her limiter because she reminds him of his sister.  There seems to be an emergency going about which indicates that the Nova’s main target is West Genetics.  We’re also given a glimpse at the Nova’s target which is a test subject held in a tube.  All the Pandoras are getting prepped for battle:  4th years will be the main assault group with the 3rd year guarding the gates while the 2nd years are on standby.  Satellizer is being cold toward Kazuya while she gets into a heated argument with Rana.  Kazuya stopped the fight saying this isn’t the time to be fighting considering how the Nova is attacking.


Maria Lancelot aka Mother Of All Pandoras

The Nova starts to spit some sort of pink liquid out of their body which turned into mind controlled Pandoras that were absorbed during the East Genetics invasion.  The mind controlled Pandora broke through the gate and is starting their attack against the Pandora.  Cassie and her troops got through Miyabi pretty easily.  Kazuya have a talk with Satellizer and she said she doesn’t want to be a replacement for his sister.  He starts to explain about the misunderstanding when he was interrupted by an an emergency call for their assistance to protect Maria.  The Pandoras were able to be trapped inside a room however they were able to blast through the door using a beam attack.  Sister Magaret explains about how the Pandoras are a double edge sword since it is made by combining human with Nova.