This episode is pretty much about the kids using their powers to save the mermaid.  I didn’t remember reading this in the manga so I’ll have to recheck it but I think this is just a one episode filler.  After checking it the episode was from chapter 14.  This episode wasn’t really funny, it was a bit too serious for my taste.  I think the episode was to show that one should cherish their friendships because it is very lonely being by yourself.  Hopefully the fun comedy and trolling continue.  The story should get back to that baseball player along with the prince and his family real soon.


Doesn't That Mermaid Look Alot Like The Prince?

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The episode starts off with a mermaid that was trapped inside a tank who killed a man with her tongue.  The mermaid meets up with her comrades.  At school the kids was given news that the blue ranger is leaving for America because his dad needs to go there for work.  All the kids were arguing about him moving away and then when the blue ranger was outside he saw the injured mermaid.  He told her that he is used to aliens and his argument with his friends.  She told him about her story and how she ended up on this planet as well as to apologize to his friends.

Chained Like An Animal

After he apologize to the group they try to find the mermaid to heal her but she was gone.  They argued some more until the red ranger cried.  They went through a hole behind the bushes and found the mermaid that was shot by the thugs.  They were informed that she can detect lies and the blue ranger was able to see that the thugs had some sort of device in their ears to bypass her ability.  After some fighting scene, the mermaid was told that all her friends were dead and she ended up killing the thugs.  She went back into the ocean since there wasn’t anything for her considering she lost all her friends.  In the end the father didn’t need to work in America anymore and the mermaid found Earth mermaids to befriend so it was a happy ending for both parties.