Looks like the “main” villains of the arc are getting taken out one by one pretty easily.  I’m thinking these guys are just cannon fodders to show off the Strawhats’ new gained powers.  The real mystery is with Jinbe and what he has in store for the Strawhat and what was with his message about not fighting Hodi.

Strolling Through The Marketplace

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Cover page is of the straw hats at the marketplace.  Eventhough Chopper warned Sanji to not turn around he did it anyway to fullfill his dream and got turned into stone like the scene with Boa.  The Strawhats were tied up by the town people and Vander Decken arrives.  The town people told the princess to run but Luffy told her not to and calm everyone down with his haki.  He stomps VDD to the ground and save the princess from Wadatsumi with a Jet Pistol.  He left with Megalo and Princess Shirahoshi toward the Forest of Sea.

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Camie and Nami left the palace toward the forest as well to meet up with Jinbe.  Meanwhile Zoro cuts Hodi and he is gushing out blood from his mouth with white eyes.  King Neptune and his men will abandon the palace and regroup with the princes.