This was a good closure to the arc.  It wasn’t really that mysterious considering you kind of know what was going on already regarding the blue rose in the previous episode.  The auction house was kind of unexpected and having that tied together with the whole horror story was pretty well done.  I really want to know how is that Roscoe person related to Victorique since they’ve been showing him alot lately.

Underage Girls Being Sold

As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.


Kujo was kidnapped and when he was inside the carriage he saw the girl that was in the department store’s basement.  She is scared after being sold as a slave and she is asking Kujo to help her.  Kujo is talking to the homeless kid and asking for his assistance but he said that nobody would believe them.  He saw a magic show poster with Brian Roscoe on the poster and he met the same red haired man that he met in the open market a few episodes back.  The two went to the police station and the homeless kid proceeds to point out all the missing girls.

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The inspector wants Victorique to help but he doesn’t want to call her.  After some convincing Kujo called Victorique to get her to help with the case.  She is telling the two how to solve the case and dropped a glass to show them that the paperweight that Kujo picked up before was actually the real blue rose because it didn’t break when he dropped it.  They went back to the store to continue with their investigation by putting up an act.  The entire policeman is putting their hands on the windows.  They turned off the lights and all the windows have a handprint on it except for one of the window.

The police and the department store workers start their brawl with the inspector taking care of the blonde woman.  Kujo meanwhile searches for the auction house that is selling all the missing girls.  They police starts to arrests all the people and Kujo proceeded to test out whether the blue rose was real or not.  The homeless kid and the missing girl was adopted at the station.