Ok so this chapter is a LONG ass 92 pages flashback so brace yourself and set a little bit of your wasted free time (see what I did there ^_^) when you start to read it.  This chapter was pretty epic with all the fighting and fanservice scenes.  Rei looks very similar to Ken with the spiky hair and badass atmosphere.  This chapter gave us some insight as to what Yumin has been up to as well as connect the scenes together like when she meets up with Ken in Korea or during the rain scene after her fight with Rei and Ken’s fight with the Garugi gang.

Her background story was very gruesome and intense and I hope everyone enjoy reading it!  Also her earring probably has a deeper meaning to it than meets the eye.  Because of the lack of content this weekend I decided to release the review a bit earlier instead of on Monday.

Slicing and Dicing

Most of the series is being scanlated by Random Scanlations.

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The chapter starts out with showing Yumin’s bodyguard with a nearby crow.  It then flashback to when Yumin was 13 years old and the time when the White Dragon Clan (WDC) took control of the Kansai district.  The people that lost to the WDC during the war started to take revenge.  They killed her mother and sister and were about to kill her when the WDC assassin came to rescue her.  Yumin’s father, the head of the WDC told her that he wants to combine all of the triad in Japan to help its economy.  They then got the tattoo artist to start tattooing the vanishing dragon into her back.  The assassin took care of her and taught her how to use different types of weapons like swords and guns.

Scene switches over to when Yumin was 18 years old where she is attending the same school as Ken.  She starts to talk with her friend who informs her that Ken belong to an upper class family but they were killed during the gang war.  She bumps into Ken, showed her panties to him, and told him that he should live happily even if it’s painful.  She was told by her father to go to Korea to help him prepare for his world conquest.  Ken confesses to Yumin but she turned him down and told him that she was actually Korean and she had to move back to Korea and become a policewoman.

The scene fast-forwards two years later when she finally meets up with Ken again.  There was some scene shown of her talking to Ken on the phone during rain.  She is also talking to Prosecutor Gan who wants her to be on his team to catch the triad because she isn’t afraid of them.  Huzimi Rei the WDC assassin was protecting Yumin for three years and was told to bring her back.   Yumin has a showdown with him, slashed his forehead and cuts off his hand, and told him to take her sword and his severed hand back to her father.  She then meets up with Ken in the rain immediately afterwards and asked him out to dinner.  Scene switches over to the WDC where Yumin’s father was talking to the assassin and he asked Rei if she was still wearing her earring which Rei said yes.