This episode reminds me of The Persistence of Memory painting by Salvador Dali.  The group is trapped inside somebody’s subconscious while the prince and his subordinates are trying to figure out a way to get them out.  It wasn’t really that funny of an episode but the prince’s ideas of getting them released was entertaining.  This also made reference to Edogawa Conan the detective manga, that or I’m just thinking about manga too much.  It is kind of a confusing episode though so watch it carefully.

WTF Was This Girl Thinking

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The episode starts out with the baseball team being transported to Koishien and Yukitaka thinks it is the work of aliens.  Meanwhile the prince’s subordinates are informed about the situation by one of the Disckonians.  He told them that he was riding his bike along with the bus to cheer them on at the stadium however the bus just disappeared in the middle of the road.  At the stadium everyone is trying to figure out what is going on while the captain is stretching out for the game.  Something seems different about Koishien and one of the players wanted to check something to make sure it is the stadium.  Meanwhile the Disckonians think that this is the work of the Ellarians and they all go red spirited.

They couldn’t find the vandalism that the player wrote into the seats so they found out that it isn’t Koishien and also this is when the prince makes his appearance.  After more exploration they found that they’re also inside Conan City Ballpark, which confused them even more.  The prince informs the players that they’re at both stadiums because they’re trapped inside somebody’s subconscious.  The subordinates are also told about the story of the girl who trapped her dad in her mind.

The dad finally was able to escape the dream world by apologizing to his daughter and relieving her stress.  The prince and players is trying to figure out who is the person that is stress out about the baseball game that might be causing them to be trapped.  The prince plan to figure out the culprit is by blaming and suspecting everyone.  The other baseball team starts to walk into the stadium and to everyone’s surprise it’s the number one seed team Matsusho whom they lost to in the previous year.  They start to play baseball to relieve some stress.  The subordinates were informed that the prince was hiding in the bus and the captain is figuring out a way to get the players back but leave the prince stranded.

The subordinates figure that it wasn’t stress that was the cause of the players being trapped within the dream world but it was actually concentration.  The prince found out that his plan of destroying the stadium would not work if the culprit weren’t stressed out.  They were finally released from the dream world and taken to the stadium for their real game.  The prince is still trapped within the mind and is destroying the stadium to try and escape.