This manga really cracks me up.  The release for this manga is very slow but it’s worth the wait and the manga is about to end so pick it up before it ends.  If you’re into romance and comedy you should definitely pick up this series.  This chapter introduces a very serious complications into their lovey dovey teacher and student relationship.  I wonder how Jin-Ho will deal with this situation.

Haha There Goes Their Children

You can grab the release from A-Team.

This chapter continues the conversation with Jin-Ho and his teacher about going to a love hotel.  She refuses to go and he starts to touch her and told her she can scream if she doesn’t like it.  Instead of screaming she kicks his balls and called him a spoiled brat.  meanwhile the president saw Park Jae-Kyung and went over to have a chat with her.  Scene switches over to Jin-Ho and his teacher and she told him he can touch her which leads to another misunderstanding, i.e she meant that he can hold his hands.  The president ran over to inform Jin-Ho about the situation and he went to see Park Jae-Kyung in the infirmary.  He found out from her doctor that she is mentally unstable and he cries as he notice that she loves him.