This chapter just reinforce the whole concept of Fairy Tail which is teamwork being together as a family.  Lucy reluctance to leave Natsu alone allowed the team to overcome one of the seven kins.  These two characters really are funny when they’re together.  Lucy’s winning pose was funny.

She Is On Fire...Literally

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once Mangastream takes the link down).

Cover is with Ezra in her room taking her clothes off.  The fat guy (forgot his name) told Ultear to leave since she needs to get Zeref back to Hades.  Team NLH starts to fight the fat guy.  Lucy was frozen in place and starts attacking Natsu thanks to the doll.  Happy was able to steal the doll and gave it to Natsu however he got knocked into a boulder and was stuck under a pile of rocks.  Lucy was beaten by the fat guy and was told to run however she said she’d rather be together with everyone.  Natsu was able to maneuver Lucy around using the doll and he covered her doll with his dragon fire, handed the doll to Happy, and used her body to finish the fat guy.