This chapter marks the end of the whole flashback arc.  As much as I love Yumin and her sexiness I was happy the story would get back to Ken’s side of territorial domination.  This chapter serve as a comic relief with all the old people beating on Ken for their misunderstandings.  It also serve as the building block of Ken and Yumin’s relationship sine he gave her some words of wisdom that she should cling to happiness no matter what happens.


Don't Get Any Bright Ideas

Most of the series is scanlated by Random Scanlations.

Ken starts narrating about how his family died in the gang war.  He then took Yumin out for some sea food.  They then received some clothes from an old “nice” woman for Yumin to wear.  They then head back to her place where he told her about how his family was killed by her father.  She started to weep and he said that no matter what happens she must always cling onto her happiness.  She embrace him and as he was having bad thoughts an old man hit him on the head.  As he was driving he contemplated that his feelings for Yumin has not changed but he will never forgive her father and that he is a step closer to Yoshizawa Ryu.