A lot of talking in this chapter.  Miya talks alot about the Jinki and its importance.  We’re also presented with a young priestess Miya, she looks pretty cute to drag the story on a little bit longer.

You can find the files at A-Team’s website when they’re available.  You can find the raw files here, I got it off Amante Anime so thank the ones that scan it.

Chapter starts out with a funny scene where Miya told Kagari to stop using her as a Jinki Treasure Vault.  She then explains that the person that holds all eight Jinki can terminate all the sekirei.  Musubi saw a glimpse of Yume when they were talking about the sekirei’s core being destroyed.  Miya then tells the story about the sekirei that nobody know about.  The scene flashes back to a group of sekirei that looks similar to Minato’s sekirei and they’re searching for someone that looks similar to Musubi.  She kissed her ashikabi and sprouted wings and then we’re shown a young priestess Miya who is talks about a grim prediction.