This arc was pretty cool.  It gave us a glimpse of Tae-Soo’s past and will probably answer the question as to why he follows Ken.  It would be great to actually be shown Tae-Soo’s backstory since it seems dark and messed up.  I’m looking forward to it.

Which Is More Powerful: Gang or Company

Most of the series is being scanlated by Random Scanlation.

The chapter starts out with Tae-Soo waking up from a dream about him trying to save his father’s life.  He woke up in a pile of sweat and we’re shown a full dragon portrait tattoo on his back.  Back at the headquarter pickaxe introduce his newly “trained” dog.  Tae-Soo told Ken that they should find some work and brought him to meet the Fine Corporation’s CEO.  Tae-Soo was very polite during the visit while he tries to convince the CEO that they should work together.  The CEO doesn’t have confidence in Ken since he didn’t even know the etiquette of the business.  Ken got pissed off and the CEO shouted back telling him to sit down and challenge him about which is more powerful a gang or a company.  They got kicked out and Ken and Tae-Soo went out to eat where Tae-Soo talked a little about his father and his business.  The CEO received a call from his son where we’re shown his son being all beaten.