This chapter was just a flashback at the spoiled CEO’s son.  He causes trouble at the casino and then expect his father to bail him out.  If you ask me he deserves more than a beaten for trying to hit that pretty woman.

That's What You Get For Causing Trouble Punk

Most of the series is being scanlated by Random Scanlation.The chapter skips six months later after the event and the CEO is in a wheelchair talking to Tae-Soo and Ken about giving his full support for Ken to take over the casino.  Then Tae-Soo give a little history lesson regarding casino and how the governments are the ones running it.  Tae-Soo then talk specifically about the Imperial Casino, the largest casino of the Pacific Asia.  Time skips six months and we’re shown the CEO’s son talking into the Imperial Casino with his friends.

He wants to play big so they took him to a private area.  He lost alot of money and then he heard one of the dealers laugh so he wanted to slap her.  Another worker intervened and punched him in the face.  His friends explain how he is the heir to the Fine’s Corporation however the worker kicked the friend’s head.  The worker asked them who would win in a fight, a mafia or a company.  They then got a beaten and kicked out of the casino.  The son later calls his father for help.