Basically this was one of the outcome that was expected after they beat the CEO’s son.  The CEO retaliated and the interesting part is wondering how does Ken’s group fit into this situation.  They were considered trash so how will they take a 180 degree turn from their situation.  Maybe this is tied in with Pickaxe’s black eye.

Face Off...Casino Boss vs Corporation Boss

Most of the series is being scanlated by Random Scanlation.

Tae-Soo is talking to an older gentleman who might be his father.  The scene switches over to the CEO and his son.  The son wants his father to retaliate for what they did to him and the CEO basically told him to get out for disgracing himself.  The CEO then talks to his head of security and ask him if he have enough men to take care of the casino men.  He told the security guy to gather up his gangs but leave out Ken’s group to deal with the casino.

The CEO and his men start to go into the casino and beat everyone up.  The police are informed about the situation however the commissioner told them to not do anything.  The group continues to beat everyone up especially the slanted eye person that beat up the son and the casino boss was left in despair.  Ken’s group was informed about the situation by Pickaxe who appears to have a black eye.