Its interesting that they just introduced someone that seems very powerful.  Also it seems like Hades have some sort of hidden agenda by getting all the Fairy Tail’s mages together.  There is also a pissed off Juvia in this chapter, can’t wait for her to kick some ass.

Dark Shadowy Figure

You can read it on Mangastream.  You can also check it out here (once mangastream takes the link off) .

Lucy and Happy was trying to pull Natsu out of the rocks when they figure that Natsu can just use his flames instead.  They also figure out that Grimoire Hearts must have some ship anchored nearby so they’ll look for it.  Cana is looking for Mavis’ grave so she can be a S-rank mage.  Gray found Ultear who he mistaken for his teacher Ul.    Bluenote is talking to Hades and told not to go to the island because he’d destroy everything.

The council is trying to get in touch with headquarter when Doranbalt took the communication device.  He teleorted to where Wendy, Natsu, and Lucy was meeting.  He told them he can teleport everyone out to safety but they refused to leave.  Ezra’s opponent was stating the order she’ll kill everyone while attacking Juvia.  She made Juvia all pissed off when she said Gray was her #1 victim because he killed Ultear.