This episode was completely different than the manga.  I didn’t like how they made the two blondes (Satellizer and Elizabeth) appear weak in this episode and the 3rd years aside from Elizabeth should of had more trouble with the mind controlled.  Rana as well seems kind of weaker in this anime than its manga counterpart.  On a bright side they actually made Kazuya use his ability unlike the manga.

Holy Crap 3xSatellizer = 3x2=6 Tits…Can't Wait

You can grab the episode from Hiryuu, Hatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.


Cassie and and her crew went through the hallway and was about to encounter Ingrid, Atia, Creo, and Arnett.  Sister Margaret explains about the importance of Maria Lancelot and why they absolutely cannot let her fall into the Nova’s hands.  Ganessa boast about how she is protecting something so important; however, Satellizer said that they’re being protected by the 3rd years.  The limiters tried to use freezing on the Pandora and it worked; however, they were quickly taken out by the Pandoras.  Two of the mind controlled Pandoras were able to escape and run off into the hallway while the rest were left fighting.  Elizabeth was able to take one of them out but Cassie was able to dodge her beam attack.  Elizabeth figured out their weak point which is the red gem in the middle of their chest and it was destroyed then they’ll return back to normal.

Is She Floating o_O?

The rest of the 3rd years were able to destroy the other enemy Pandora.  Cassie was able to destroy the floor and go below to where Satellizer and the rest were standing guard.  Cassie pierced Rana first and then Kazuya say she is from East Genetics.  Ganessa cannot use Accel and was about to be killed by Cassie when Rana stepped in and got pierced instead.

Kazuya initiate freezing however Cassie was able to break through and was about to attack when Satellizer helped out.  Satellizer told him to stay back because she doesn’t need him and proceeded to get beaten to a pulp until she released her wings of light.  She used tempest turn and almost pierced the jewel on Cassie’s chest.  Satellizer was about to get killed when Kazuya used his freezing and used his talking skills to get Cassie back to her senses.  Kazuya said that she is an important person to him and he needs her.  Cassie knocked Kazuya back but was able to come back to her senses.  The Pandora that was with Cassie woke up and used her drill hand to drill into the room where Maria Lancelot was held.